Power Plant Construction

Compressor housing for gas and steam turbines

Obtaining energy from fossil raw materials will continue to play a role in power plant construction. For this market, Siempelkamp supplies e.g. compressor housings and other cast components for gas and steam turbines. Axle compressors, for example, can attain volumetric flow rates between 70,000 and 14,000 m³, and deliver a maximum outlet pressure of 20 bar. For these compressors, we cast the vertically split housing components using EN-GJS-18U. Depending on the compressor type, the raw cast weight can reach up to 62,000 kg per housing half.

Casting giants for the power supply industry: Siempelkamp’s contribution to power generation in modern steam power plants

Power plants for fossil fuels will continue to play an important role in the worldwide power supply for the 21st century. It is becoming more important to considerably increase the efficiency of these power plants. Improved cooling technologies and material systems do their share in reaching this objective. The Siempelkamp Giesserei supports these efforts with large castings.

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Casting giants for the power supply industry