Wind Energy

Siempelkamp brings the wind up

Siempelkamp Giesserei has been supplying cast components for wind turbines since as early as 1999. While we used to produce cast iron parts for 1.5-MW wind turbines, now we also manufacture highly loaded components, e.g. for 7.5-MW onshore facilities. We are developing optimized geometries and special materials to meet the increasing loads placed on the cast iron part, e.g. through ever larger rotor blades and use in the offshore sector.

Siempelkamp handles the entire production chain for the wind power components in-house: engineering, casting, machining, protective coating and transportation. The advantage for our customers is an overall concept consisting of installation-ready delivery, tight project handling, a single contact partner for the entire project, and the highest degree of manufacturing and scheduling reliability.

Example components from our manufacturing process:

  • Machine supports: 15 to 64-ton unit weight
  • Rotor hubs: 20 to 45-ton unit weight
  • Axis trunnions: 6.5 to 36.5-ton unit weight
  • Stator stars: 4.5 to 16-ton unit weight
  • Bottom decks: 16.5-ton unit weight (customer-specific wind turbine component)

Project “Megawind” on the upswing: Siempelkamp Foundry is awarded Research and Innovation Prize

Siempelkamp Giesserei is contributing towards the new means of energy conversion in a highly specialized industry. This has been noted across the industries. In 2010, IHK Mittlerer Niederrhein (the Chamber of Industry and Commerce of Middle Lower Rhine) awarded the Research and Innovation Prize to the company: they achieved fi rst place for their new material for structural components of wind turbines.

Further information:
Project “Megawind” on the upswing: Siempelkamp Foundry is awarded

Siempelkamp reports from the early days of wind turbine component production: