Sufficient capacity for the highest possible customer satisfaction

Our desire to fulfil customer requirements and achieve the highest possible quality has led to us investing in our location in recent years. The expansion of the moulding shop, the commissioning of the newly enlarged cleaning shop halls with inspection stations for final testing, as well as the new construction of two further modelling halls, meet the increased customer requirements, and ensure the production of approx. 4,500 cast iron parts annually. These investment measures guarantee even more efficient operating processes, ensure our quality, and hence lead to customer satisfaction.

Molding shop Maximum unit weight (t) Production area pits (m²)
Large molding shop 25 540
Medium and large cast molding shop 46 1,000
Heavy cast molding shop 60 550
Super-heavy cast moulding shop 260 – 300 1,120
Side aisle 30 85
Fettling shop approx. 7,600 m²
Carpentry shop 780 m²
Pattern store 12,600 m²

Siempelkamp invests in its Krefeld location

Our business success is founded on innovative concepts. However, to ensure future success the general conditions have to provide a solid base. By 2009, Siempelkamp will have invested 54 million euros in new production equipment at the Krefeld location.

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Growth and development

Siempelkamp enhances its Krefeld location

Siempelkamp Maschinen- und Anlagenbau and Siempelkamp Foundry will invest approximately 54 million euros in new production facilities from 2007 to 2009.

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Siempelkamp enhances its Krefeld location