Individual support from the start

Project implementations in a nuclear context always necessitate obtaining the relevant licences. We offer you competent support with these usually complex licensing procedures and accompany you from the preparation of the application right up to obtaining approval.

The detailed description of your project forms the basis for the successful licensing of design, modernization, modification or decommissioning projects. For this purpose, as a matter of course we use the most advanced software to represent process engineering sequences and comply with the nuclear regulations and any applicable legal requirements. We are prepared to relieve you of the respective workload by taking over the preparation of all required documents and by handling all of the necessary communications with the authorities, experts and examining bodies involved.

The main points of emphasis relating to the approval procedure:

  • Support with the project execution of approval procedures in the form of consulting, scheduling and project tracking
  • Preparation of application documents and supplementary documents for dismantling
  • Evaluation of conditions in approvals
  • Safety and explanatory reports
  • Compilation of documents for the public, hearing and supervisory procedures