Nuclear Physics

Services relating to nuclear physics

Siempelkamp supports nuclear power plant operators in all aspects of nuclear physics in order to guarantee safe and economically optimized reactor operation. Almost four decades of experience make us a reliable partner.

Our services:

  • Incore fuel management for boiling and pressurized water reactors designed to improve the electricity yield and fuel utilization
  • Fuel assembly disposal studies for successful disposal management and technically and economically optimized loading schemes for spent fuel assembly in transport and storage containers (manufacturer-independent)
  • Criticality calculations for proving compliance with legally specified exposure dosage limits and the safe handling of nuclear fuels in all areas of the nuclear fuel cycle (shielding calculations, neutron balances)
  • Activation / neutron flow calculations for the minimization of down-times and resource deployment for radioactivity determinations and the evaluations of plant components, e.g. the optimized deployment of personnel and tools (also including examinations of components with respect to material embrittlement)
  • Flow / heat propagation calculations for reliable findings on 3D flows of liquids and gases, their temperature distribution, e.g. in storage facilities or in the cold water feed.


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