For Siempelkamp, the advancement of talented people is an integral part in working with new young employees. With our scholarships and awards we support the specialists of tomorrow not only financially but also help them to receive sound training.

Scholarships provided by Siempelkamp Maschinen- und Anlagenbau

Each year the Eugen Siempelkamp Foundation sponsors scholarship holders in an engineering degree program. Eugen Siempelkamp managed the company from 1919 to 1970. On the occasion of his 70th birthday, the foundation was established in 1964. The purpose of the foundation is to support talented people and to make it possible for them to be educated as engineers, technicians, foremen or skilled workers. Half of the individual donations from interest payments furthermore benefit social welfare facilities in Krefeld.

Youth development by Siempelkamp Engineering and Service 

For Siempelkamp engineering and service promoting young talent has a long tradition. With the workshop "Preserving Competence in Nuclear Technology" a sustainable component to promote young talents in the framework of the Annual Meeting on Nuclear Technology has been created. For 17 years young scientists present their research a high-level panel of experts. The Siempelkamp Ingenieur und Service GmbH as an initiator donates the "Competence Award".


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