Presses for the RTM process and Organosheet production

Our 4-cylinder high-tech press for composites is tailored exactly to meet the needs that manufacturers of high-performance composites demand from us: 100% accurate positioning for the forward and backward movement – exact control during shutdown of the press due to precision hydraulics. Another advantage: The press can be operated in open-die as well as closed-die mode. Furthermore, gap impregnation is also possible with this press providing enormous versatility.

Technical features:

  • excellent pressure distribution inside the press
  • modular tool changing and clamping system for tool dimensions with heights between 200 and 1,550 mm
  • direct or indirect tool heating and cooling system

Customer benefits:

  • high-quality materials for automobile and aerospace industries
  • economic production
  • quick tool changing system
  • possibility to carry out both processes on one press line


Carsten Daub


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