Metering bins

Our metering bins serve as intermediate storage for strands, wafers, and similar materials both green and dry. Exact strand metering influences the accuracy and resource efficiency during the blending process of the particles with resin tremendously. Due to an improved leveling system and electronic weighing devices used to control material dosing, these bins meet the highest requirements. Exact dosing is achieved by using a frequency-controlled discharging transport belt and spiked rollers.

Technical features:

  • exact dosing of strands and extremely long strands, especially for OSB strands
  • uniform feed of material by means of a rake conveyor travelling alongside the bin's upper side
  • discharge by means of a frequency-controlled belt
  • dosing by means of spiked rollers positioned at the front-end

Customer benefits:

  • safe discharge of the extremely long strands which tend to plug
  • exact dosing
  • intermediate storage of both, green and dry material


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