Resin kitchens

Siempelkamp's integrated resin kitchens are used for the efficient preparation and accurate dosing of the resin mixture and other recipes. These resin kitchens are equipped with load cells for exact gravimetric dosing of smaller components. For accurate and efficient dosing, our systems are also equipped with the latest flow meters and have been tested at Siempelkamp's laboratory. Each aggregate comes completely pre-assembled and electrically wired. Thus, our customers benefit from short assembly and startup times.

Technical features:

  • dosing systems for different volumes and components 
  • flow meter allows continuous measurement method controlled by a continuous level metering of the dosing bins
  • dosing bins for each component equipped with pressure-sensitive level control system
  • innovative software
  • pressure equalizer with automatic shutoff

Customer benefits:

  • high dosing accuracy 
  • low material and maintenance costs
  • high performance and long service life
  • efficient spare parts storage and quick spare part replacements
  • resin savings
  • high quality end product


Rudolf Ohlendorf


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