Mat forming machines for MDF production

For the mat forming of MDF mechanical StarFormers with roller banks are used. Neighboring shafts rotate in opposite directions. The capacity is variable via the adjustable distance between the shafts and the rotation speed. The roller geometry provides for exact forming of the fibers in longitudinal and cross direction onto the forming belt.

Technical features:

  • high mat forming precision and best distribution of weight in cross and longitudinal direction due to the homogeneous fiber distribution and density in the mat
  • optimal distribution of fibers in the mat forming head enables a controlled mat forming process
  • a leveling head instead of a scalper roll means there is no longer any need for fiber recycling at the mat forming machine, thus reducing the number of pneumatic transport systems
  • lower electricity consumption

Customer benefits:

  • optimal board quality 
  • energy costs savings
  • no drying and pre-curing of the fibers due to pneumatic return system


Friedhelm Schluepen


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