Transformer board presses

Siempelkamp multi-daylight presses have made their home in many different industries over many decades. Presses with up to 30 daylights manufacture panels according to the wet process including insulating material for high-voltage transformers consisting of pure cellulose pulp. It takes ambitious technology to process pure cellulose pulp because its manufacturing process is highly specific.

Technical features:

  • highest thickness accuracy, smoothness, and parallelism of the hot platens
  • powerful hydraulic system
  • a simultaneous closing device is guaranteeing simultaneous mat contact and densification of all sheets, independent from the daylight
  • hot water heating system for high process temperatures
  • modern measurement technology and intelligent control technology
  • the equipment is controlled by means of a database recipe system
  • plant data needed for analysis and documentation purposes are archived in a process data trending system

Customer benefits:

  • high density, consistent thickness, surface smoothness, high mechanical strength, flexibility, and ageing resistance of the product
  • boards with excellent electrical insulating properties
  • small thickness tolerances
  • high repeat accuracy


Dr. Jochem Berns


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