Heavy plate blanking presses

Siempelkamp's heavy plate blanking presses allow the synchronized forming of plates with a thickness range between 2.5 and 12 mm. They are excellently suited for pre production parts of high-quality chassis, auto body parts, and add-on parts for commercial vehicles such as cross members, gusset plates, and reinforcements. Combined with the flexible and high-performing material handling systems of our subsidiary Strothmann, these presses offer the perfect solution for the manufacture of high-quality automobile parts.

Press capacity:

  • hydraulic: < 20 MN

Customer benefits:

  • equipped with monitoring of inclined position, eightfold moving beam guiding system, tool clamping system, and infinitely variable of ram locking
  • integration of the belt conveyor into the press control
  • short cycle times due to efficient drive systems
  • hydraulic blanking stroke limitation with active cutting impact dampening


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