Presses for conveyor belts

The design and manufacture of presses for the rubber industry is an important core competence for Siempelkamp. With our expertise in this area we are the world market leader for steel cord and conveyor belt presses. A large part of the conveyor belts used around the world are manufactured on our equipment.

Despite heavy loads, these conveyor belts always have to have best straight-running stability. Siempelkamp's excellent manufacturing and plant quality has proven its worth in the field.


  • uniform pre-tensioning of the individual steel cables
  • best pressure distribution
  • creel with cable guiding and controlled pre-tensioning of cables
  • cable clamping and tensioning device with heavy clamp
  • compactor lorry with pre-press
  • trimming knife as circular knife

Customer benefit:

  • excellent thickness tolerances due to multi-cylinder press without press bolsters
  • high availability
  • low production costs
  • high safety standards
  • long operating life
  • maintenance-friendly


Steffen Aumüller


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