Siempelkamp hydroforming presses are used for the production of complex and intricate workpiece shapes. This complexity relates to both longitudinal and cross sections. Next to large batch production in the automotive industry, the fitting industry is one of the numerous application areas for this type of press. Compared to conventional forming methods, the forming possibilities are significantly increased when forming with high pressure.

Press capacity:

  • hydraulic clamping forces: < 100 MN
  • high pressure intensifier: < 10.000 bar
  • axial forces / axial cylinder: < 5 MN

Customer benefit:

  • weight savings of 40 to 50 %, in some cases up to 75 %
  • wall thickness distribution optimized to component requirements
  • high work-hardening
  • continuous material grain flow for optimum component performance
  • high dimensional accuracy 
  • flow-advantageous component contours and junction geometries
  • short cycle times due to "quick filling" systems
  • high pressure intensifier
  • proven standards of 2,500 bar and 4,000 bar for large batch production
  • gasket replacement with minimum effort (can be planned ahead)
  • long operating life


Carsten Daub


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