Annual plants

Research achievement "annual plants" – from waste product to raw material

So what will the board of the future look like, thinking ahead to the challenges, the limited resources and climate protection?

We recognized the incredible potential of annual plants early on and conducted research in close collaboration with ambitious producers of wood-based materials.

Annual plants are plants, for which from germination of the seed to formation of the entire plant and on to maturity of the new seed, only one vegetation period is required. After maturity of the seed, they die, wither or rot.

In our efforts to use these plants as a resource, we are confronted with numerous challenges – for instance, scarcity of timber, lack of wood resources in countries that can only enter into board production with the aid of new, imported raw materials.

An example: Since 2007 we have been researching the suitability of rice straw as a raw material for board production. This was the impetus in 2017 for a large order from the US: CalAg LLC ordered a plant for production of fibreboard from rice straw. Thus the natural raw material available in large quantities in California is adequately used!

The Egyptian company WOTECH is also positioning itself in the areas of environmental protection and resource efficiency with a rice straw based, MDF plant made by Siempelkamp. The new plant is regarded as a fundamental contribution in support of government efforts in Egypt to implement an eco-friendly, CO2 reducing, and sustainable use of rice straw. Import dependencies are also resolved.

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