A Look into the future. What will the factory of the future look like?

Natural raw material sources are decreasing, while the energy costs are steadily growing. Global future trends such as the progressing digitalization, the increasing demand for resource and energy efficiency and hence an increase in more sustainable production processes, the role of humans in the manufacturing processes of the future, and new factory and logistics concepts are challenging us to question the status quo of industrial production processes. But what will the production processes and thus the factory of the future look like taking into account these influencing factors?

The production of the future is smarter, more flexible,
more individual, more efficient and more sustainable.

Digitalization is a true game changer with enormous effects on value-added processes, supply chains and entire industries. It requires us to completely revise our mindset and adapt to new ways of working.

Flexible production and adaptable factory

The utilization of machines can be planned ever better. Rigid production lines are becoming modular and efficient systems. They conserve resources and employees are supported by assistance systems. New forms of human-technology interaction will emerge.

Predictive maintenance and condition monitoring

Smart machines analyze their operating parameters and determine their own health status. This information allows maintenance operations to be scheduled and optimized. Even more advanced predictive maintenance solutions provide forecasts on how a machine's condition will develop in the future.

Networked intelligence and machines

Machines and processes are being networked ever more closely and, above all, more intelligently with the help of information and communication technology. Self-regulating systems report when they need new material or when service intervals are due – smart networking enables anoptimal flow of goods.

The transparent plant

Plant operators are provided with comprehensive data on the production process and the condition of the product and the plant are compiled and analyzed. Translated into KPIs, they can be accessed and monitored from anywhere, at any time. A dashboard will become the control center of the plant.

3D Planning and Engineering

Siempelkamp Digitalized Engineering

Virtual works are an important part in our planning process of a plant. They can be experienced through CAD files rendered in real-time. If a modernization, expansion or conversion is pending, a 3D scan brings together both the new machines to be integrated and the existing ones. This scan provides an exact inventory on site at the future plant operator's premises. Later on, the scan is converted into a 3D model of the plant in order to generate an even more realistic impression of the overall concept and ensure precision in the planning. More about 3D Planning and Engineering. 

Smart Services

Reliable and digital for the entire product lifetime

We offer worldwide support for Siempelkamp machines and plants during their entire life cycle. Our portfolio includes the planning and realization of maintenance and modernization projects, online spare parts service, field service and remote support. Within the scope of our smart services, intelligent and networked plants and machines stay "in touch" with us.

Smart Factory

Production Intelligence from sensor to ERP

The requirement for a sustainable optimization of all production processes is a seamlessly traceable production, across the entire value chain. We have developed Prod-IQ® for this purpose, a modular control technology system that provides reliable key figures in real time for production management, quality control, maintenance and repair. This creates the basis for intelligent and highly efficient production processes. The data output by Prod-IQ® enables you to comprehensively evaluate the efficiency of your plant. Whether number of boards, quality, consumption, downtimes or reject rates: Prod-IQ® immediately shows you which parameters you can use to systematically increase the productivity of your plant.

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