50 Sustainability & Climate Leaders

Climate change is the defining issue of our time - and we are at a crucial moment. We know what is happening to our planet, we know what we need to do, and we have the tools to make our actions more effective. The 50 Sustainability Climate Leaders project is an initiative of the international business community that shows effective measures in the fight against climate change. We - Siempelkamp - are also actively involved in this initiative in order to demonstrate the claim, the leadership responsibility and the will to act in the best interest of our environment.

Sustainability and Climate Leaders – A race we can win

At Siempelkamp we have done a lot of research to make waste materials from industrial and agricultural processes usable in our industry, the wood-based panel industry. We are very proud that after more than two decades of intense research and development we can offer a process that makes rice straw and other annual plants available as raw material for MDF production.

Social responsibility as a family-owned company

Implementing this system now worldwide in countries with a high population and at the same with limited resources offers a great opportunity to protect our environment in a sustainable way. Our annual plant process encourages sustainability by giving people a livelihood: locally available waste materials are transformed into a valuable raw material, while precious natural resources are preserved. And in the years to come, our main goal will continue of maintaining our position as a pioneer in climate protection and making our contribution to social responsibility as a family-owned company.

Annual plants as an alternative for the wood-based panel industry

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