Short-cycle press line

Short-cycle presses are for refining the finishes on boards made from wood-based materials. Accordingly sanded particleboards and MDF / HDF with smooth finely pored surfaces are particularly suitable.


Features, function

A hot press is used to permanently apply resin-soaked paper to the surfaces of boards made from wood-based materials. The resin penetrates into the surface pores and in this way is responsible for adhesion. It also creates a surface that is resistant to a variety of environmental effects. The paper serves as the base both for the colourless resin and for the decorative layer.


Manufacturers are able to apply special decorations to wood-based boards that have been coated accordingly. Decorated boards always achieve significantly higher prices on the market than boards that are not coated, which means that short-cycle presses are always worth their investment.

Versions, options

Short-cycle presses may be used for two purposes: the production of boards for furniture and boards for laminate flooring. Both applications employ the same principle of functioning, only the type and scope of the components used varies.

  • A high-quality finish is expected on both sides of the boards used to make furniture. The boards are usually sold as boards that have been cut to size. Customers expect a very high quality.
  • Boards used for laminate flooring are cut at the factory and the board edges are prepared for the intended use.
  • An embossing plate may be used on boards used for both applications to create the feel of genuine wood. This plate may be used to emboss a pattern in the surface that matches the printed design (embossed in register = EIR).

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