Siempelkamp Maschinenfabrik Over 500 godets for Oerlikon Neumag

Whether welding, machining, or assembly: Siempelkamp Maschinenfabrik's job order production provides production capacities for a wide variety of areas. Oerlikon Neumag from Neumünster also relies on this service. The company subcontracted Siempelkamp Maschinenfabrik with the welding of more than 500 godets for staple fiber plants.

Oerlikon Neumag develops, manufactures and sells equipment for the production of synthetic staple fibers. These are used in a wide range of applications, such as textiles, as filling material, as concrete reinforcements, in geotextiles or even in hygiene products.

The staple fibers obtain their special properties in the drawing process, among other things - and the demands on the godets of the drawing line are correspondingly high. These godets are rotationally symmetrical pressure vessels pressurized with steam and rotating at high speed. Depending on the process, the fibers obtain their quality via precisely coordinated temperatures and running speeds of godets and overflow rollers. Furthermore, a defined, yarn-friendly chromated surface is necessary to avoid damaging the fiber strands.

For the welding of its godets Oerlikon Neumag placed an order with Siempelkamp Maschinenfabrik in January 2021. The order volume comprises more than 500 godets in the delivery period 2021. "Here we were fully on schedule with our production and met the delivery deadline at the end of the year," says Hans-Dieter Büttgenbach, Sales Director at Siempelkamp Maschinenfabrik.

The competence of Siempelkamp Maschinenfabrik is in demand in the welding process for various dimensions of godets; the sizes include diameters from 260 mm to 800 mm. Several welding processes are used, tight tolerances and high quality requirements accompany the product through the manufacturing process. Part of the godets must be stress-relieved annealed due to specifications – all welding seams also undergo several extensive non-destructive testing steps.

Part of the godets must be stress relieved for specification reasons


This project for Oerlikon Neumag is precisely processed and supervised at Siempelkamp Maschinenfabrik: "For the welding of the godets we have set up a flow production in a hall specially provided for this purpose, which ensures short distances and smooth processes. Our skilled personnel also received training that was exactly tailored to this order so that we could provide our customer with an excellent result," says Ralf Meier, technical managing director of Siempelkamp Maschinenfabrik..

"We are pleased to have gained a new partner in Siempelkamp Maschinenfabrik who places just as much emphasis on reliability, quality, and commitment as our own team," says Delf Hinz, responsible for scheduling/controlling and fulfillment manufacturing at Oerlikon Neumag.  Frank Meyer, 

On Time Delivery Manager Operations at Oerlikon Neumag, adds: "It is gratifying to see that the team at Siempelkamp Maschinenfabrik values our product just as much as our own team. Short distances in the coordination and an active exchange are a very important part of this cooperation. For us, this involvement forms a solid basis for further joint perspectives."

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