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Deadline April 12th 2018: The Polish furniture manufacturer, Farbi Mebli “Forte” S.A. opens officially its newest plant for the wood based panel production in Suwałki / East Poland. The manufacturer produces there since middle of March in a three-shift operation particle boards for its furniture factories in Mazowiecka, Bialystok, Hajnówka and shortly also on the new production location in Suwałki. Because simultaneously with the opening ceremony for Forte’s most modern plant a foundation stone for the future and neighbored furniture factory will be placed.

That Forte could start with the regular production of particleboards already since March, is owed to the record commissioning of Siempelkamp- team. One and a half months earlier than planned, on February 3rd the first board was produced. Actually the notification was sent of mid-March. Since then the Polish furniture manufacturer produces itself 15 mm particle boards with a density of 530 kg/m³ in a superb quality. And already on April 12th all confirmed productions qualities and quantities within acceptance time were met – thereby takes place the acceptance provided by the customer four months earlier than contractually stipulated deadline. Already in the following third of the year Fabryki Mebli “Forte” S.A. pays off with on the plant obtained profit already its investment costs – a fantastic start on the return on investment.

December 15. in 2017: Actually the first board could have been manufactured, as the Siempelkamp-team and the excellent cooperating experienced team of “Forte” already put the turnkey delivered complete plant for particle boards into production readyness. However Christmas was not far anymore and especially in the catholic characterized Poland, where the festive season has a high significance, the teams decided to start the production in the new year. This delay of one and half month did not strain the project guidelines, the opposite was the case. The actual contractual assured date for the production of the first board was set for mid-March.

On February 3. it finally happened, for the first time the mat drives into the ContiRoll®, in order to leave it after the pressing process as the first pressed particle board. This first commissioning for 2018 puts the kickoff of a complete series of five commissioning for the first quarter in the new year – the Siempelkamp-team around Christian Löffler congratulates the committed and experienced team of Fabryki Mebli “Forte” S.A. for starting the production of Europe’s most modern particleboard plant.

The installation took entirely eight months until the premature start of production – the period within their turnkey delivered plant was installed and put into operation. For such an effort experienced and well-rehearsed teams are necessary to that a perfect working mechanical engineering, experience and sophisticated components. How well, that Krefeld’s panel specialist sets continuously and consequently on innovative capacity and the own production of all components in its 135 financial years. At latest on the construction site it always pays off, that the installation team e.g. install complete hydraulically assemblies, which have already left behind their test run in the headquarters plant.

In this way, in order to stay into hydraulics, complete fitted functionaries or other assemblies will be installed and accordingly plugged – “plug and play”. Still the most important factor that can guarantee a quick commissioning is and stays the factor human being.

Only experienced project and installation teams are able to react on situational imponderability. Exactly these capabilities were required in Suwałki, despite all conscientious preparations and structured project stages. A necessary, official approval procedure delayed the installation of both Büttner’s components of drum dryer and energy plant directly to three months. This unpredictable incident endangered obviously all target agreements the whole production plant with regard to its commissioning.

On explicit customer request, the Siempelkamp subsidiary enforced thereupon its installation team substantial and catched up this long delay based on considerable effort. The team around project leader Dirk Goebel succeeded even both components in spite of three months of delay to put into operation one month earlier than it was planned. This spectacular success is based on Büttner’s sophisticated engineering as well as the experienced team on-site that carried out all necessary activities including refractory lining, steel construction and insulation works. The energy plant with a total furnace capacity of 49.9 MW secures next to the heating of particle dryer the thermal oil supply of the ContiRoll® and provides beyond the energy for the building heating. The high efficiency dryer, which drum dryer measure a diameter of 5.6 m and a length of 28 m, consists a flake throughput of 42t/h atro. It is heated exclusively with flue gas of the energy plant.

Furthermore the total scope of supply included to Fabryki Mebli “Forte” S.A. included the complete forming- and press line as well as the finishing line. Since start of installation beginning in May 2017 the Siempelkamp-team complete installation team scored with extremely short plugged and partly even preterm ticked off project milestones. So could the finishing line have been completed, by consisting of diagonal saw, cooling and stacking station, the automatized warehouse, as well as the grinding line already in November 2017.

The ContiRoll® plays here a central role, realised with a length of 40,4 m und a production width of 7’. The plant is designed for daily production capacity of 1,500m³ of particleboard. With the production handover to Fabryki Mebli “Forte” S.A. in March 2018, the Polish panel producer can with immediate effect supply its furniture factory with high quality particleboards – and this four months ahead as planned. Sophisticated technique of the own production and experienced personnel: These are competitive advantages that Siempelkamp offers its customers even before the commissioning and it is worth it. “In order to keep pace with the continual technological change, we use the knowledge of our best experts in national territory and abroad. Siempelkamp is due to its technological competence the ideal partner”, so Maciej Formanowicz, Forte’s chairman of the executive board. Board member Klaus Dieter Dahlem adds: “With the new production plant we pursue ambitious goals – and we are pleased to realize it with the Siempelkamp team.”

The turbo project Forte: the milstones

Conclusion of contract:May 30. 2016
Delivery to Suawałki:March 30. until April 30. 2017
Start of assembly:May 1. 2017
Completion of assembly:November 15. 2017
Production readiness:December 15. 2017
First board produced:February 3. 2018
Start of the 3-shift production:March 13. 2018
Acceptance by Forte:April 12. 2018

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