EcoSifter higher fibre throughput less fan capacity


The EcoSifter makes all the difference by not making any difference when it comes to processing acacia, beech, spruce, eucalyptus or rubber tree: best sifting results at the lowest possible energy costs, no matter the raw material. The EcoSifter has been developed by Siempelkamp’s design engineers specialising in fluid dynamics. The latest CFD software (Computational Fluid Dynamics) was used to design and op­­timise our EcoSifter with respect to its fluid dynamic behaviour thus improving its fibre throughput by 20 % compared to traditional systems while at the same time saving 30 % of its fan capacity. Utilizing the synergy effects within our group of companies we employ, of course, frequency-controlled fans made by Ventapp!

The effective sifting surface has been extended by 70 %. Its geometry has been optimised and four motor-driven air inlets guarantee considerably improved sifting results. The latest innovative design includes a separating bend which reduces the pressure losses in the air inlets significantly. A well-targeted control system enables to separate even the smallest tramp material (well below 1 mm) and latex clots from the wood fibres. Such material is discharged by the optimised conveying air current into the twin screw conveyor.

Plant owners who have been operating a Siempelkamp plant for years need not do without the potential energy savings of the EcoSifter! The retrofit maintains the fibre loosening units and the twin screw at the tramp material discharge. That means we just have to replace the actual sifter housing and the air inlets. Of course, our customers may also add our frequency-controlled Ventapp fans!

  • 20 % higher fibre throughput*
  • 30 % reduced fan power*
  • 70 % extended sifting surface*

* Compared to the industry standard

download booklet as pdf (260 KB)