ContiRoll Generation 9 and 9 NEO Next Level High-Speed-Production

ContiRoll® Generation 9 and 9 NEO

With annual outputs of up to 900,000 m3, absolute reliability and unsurpassed product quality, the ContiRoll® has become the standard where the continuous production of boards is concerned. It has been sold more than 310 times worldwide and is being used to manufacture boards in many different types of climate across the globe. But Siempelkamp has not rested on its laurels and will soon be launching a ground-breaking upgrade: a newly developed press infeed, state-of-the-art drive and instrumentation technology, simulation and process control technology as well as new processes for mat pre-heating and the finishing line have elevated the ContiRoll® to new heights. The developments will deliver decisive market benefits: production increases of up to 30 %, highest machine uptimes, minimised maintenance requirements, high-precision performance and status controls, product qualities that have been increased again with the potential to realise even more savings in materials and energy consumption – all at reliable operating speeds of 2,500 millimetres per second. In short: the ContiRoll® Generation 9 and ContiRoll® Generation 9 NEO have arrived!