COMPACTOR for wood fibre material

Siempelkamp’s Compactor

Siempelkamp’s compactor serves two purposes: on the one hand it protects the steel belts of the ContiRoll®, on the other hand it enables increased output and improved MDF quality. The first is realised by crushing glue clots or tramp material in a compaction process using a compaction force of up to 8,000 N/cm. The latter by a precompaction of especially thick fibre mats, in addition to preventing blowouts or delamination.

The compactor is able to deal with product thicknesses between 1 and 42 mm. The mat is compacted between perforated belts to the nominal product thickness. An optimised drum geometry and additional supporting rollers, which are vertically adjustable, provide air evacuation sections that can be tuned to the product to be compacted, thus preparing the mat optimally for its final compaction in a ContiRoll®. The air evacuation belts are short and can be removed sideways from the compactor in case of service; all scrapers are easily accessible. A belt change can be realised within short, as there are prefabricated endless belts available.

Siempelkamp’s compactor enables the highest possible production speeds, ensures best product qualities by achieving a most homogeneous material density and reduces sandoff to a minimum.

Effective pre-compaction of wood fibre material mats

  • Pre-compaction up to 1 mm product nominal thickness for maximum press protection
  • Mat passage height up to 400 mm
  • Prefabricated, robust endless belts
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